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Yes, I was only going up 1 yr but the CS Sport had the options I now wish I had plus it had 25K fewer miles. My CS has been rock solid reliable, is a beautiful color, and still has CPO. It's not the end of the world that the deal fell through. The private party I was dealing with wanted me to hand over the full amount we negotiated a day before I picked it up. This after seeing the car in person 3 wks before. I don't know if it's a wadded up ball now. Then I'd have to hope he would pay off Porsche Financial Services to get the title AND then have him sign and deliver said title once he got it. Way too risky to me. I wanted to show up at his bank, bank wire transfer the payoff to PFS and wire the rest to his acct. Then I only had to hope he got me the title. He didn't want to - said you could somehow reverse the transfer after I had the car. He wasn't into selling the car but I wish he wouldn't have wasted my time. At least I'm not being interviewed by American Greed and they're asking me why I gave a fraudster $44.5K with nothing in return. I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

I have a link that allows me to look at Craigslists across the country for various make and model cars. I've noticed Charlotte and Raleigh consistently have high prices. To the point where I never check them because I'm sure there won't be any good deals. Why are cars so expensive in NC?
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