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I'm actually not overly thrilled at speeding on freeways - I mean its fun but jeesh there are so many other cars. Every few days I see some nut zigzagging through traffic in a sportscar and I have to think, dude, where do you think you are? Its like he is living out some NASCAR fantasy, but its not against Jeff Gordon, its against some minivan mom. Really, is that racing? Where is the thrill in that?

The places you will catch me driving like a maniac are empty roads, particularly the industrial office park near where I work, where there are blocks and blocks of buildings under construction. After 5pm, you've got clear wide roads, empty of other cars or trucks, and usually good visibility around corners. Just watch out for the loose dirt spilled around the entrances!!

Also we should get to an autocross track or a PCA event if we want to get a thrill...
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