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Dave, mine looks exactly like yours but the cable insulation is too big to fit into my brake barrel. how did you figure out that it was the problem? my window issue seems exactly like that is wrong with others on this thread. so guess the question is, should i just go ahead and cut the green adapter and put on mine?

one thing i did notice was that the slimmer end of the green adapter slide into the metal housing. not sure if this is normal or not.
Not only did my window not drop enough to clear the top, but if I rolled my window 1/2 way down and then lifted up on the glass, you could easily push it up and down at least a 1/2 inch with very little if any resistance. I found the cable to have excessive play and I don't remember if it had more slack when you lifted up the glass or pushed it down. I think it had the most slack when you lifted up the window a bit. With the slack in the cable I could pull the green end out of the corner piece that holds the corner roller at front corner at the bottom of the door. If you look at the last picture in my original post, I think you'll also see the adjustment I made where the cable goes into the bottom of the motor in the center of the door. I also had to clearance the metal piece in the corner to fit my barrel adapter. I did this by drilling it out slightly. I had to move the cable out of the way to do that of course, but still was able to do all that without removing the regulator from the door.
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