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Originally Posted by Jaxonalden View Post
I was out of town last week. I get a call from my wife one morning telling me she was going to take the car to work. When she started it she said it sounded funny and when she backed out of the shop there was a puddle of liquid on the floor.

Of course the death rattle, IMS failure and a $10K+ engine swap raced through my thoughts and gave me nightmares for the remainder of the week. When I got home I started on the Boxster autopsy, this is what I found;

1. Looking under the car there was a sizable puddle. I pushed the car out and yes, it was oil (IMS, RMS, hole in the block?). Jacked the car up and rolled under for a closer look. The oil was dripping from the oil plug!!! It was loose.

2. When my wife initially started the car, I didn't realize this was the first time she heard the car run with my newly installed secondary cat bypass pipes. Yes, they sound that loud.

Moral to my story; All this IMS talk has me paranoid, don't be like me. Time to unwind by hittin' the twisties!! Later!
Kudo's to your wife!
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