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Get the detector, even if you keep it at 5-10 above the limit. You have become a target. My wife and I have detectors and we notice that even though we are in a group of people in traffic, the laser radar is always aimed at us. On an open stretch, laser has been trained on us for over 1/4 mile just waiting for the speedo to go up so he could nab us. Since laser can be aimed at a single car, we know he was just watching us.

Around here, traffic is often moving 80-85 on the freeway so you don't want to be in the pack when radar hits it. With X, K & Ka bands, you can't tell who they're trying to get because they are wide broadcast, but you know if it's between you and mini van mom then "tag"'re it. It makes no sense because if something happens she's in heap big trouble and you're probably out of the way easily, but due to the "penis envy" factor, you're still it.

I got a good one (Whistler 1783 or 1793) for around $140 including a hardwire kit so there's not a coil hanging in your way. It detects X, K & KA bands, laser and the newer POP radar along with radar detector detection devices. It also picks up the emergency signal put out by police, fire and ambulance vehicles so I know they're coming from about 1/2 mile away so I can get out of the way. Very handy. I like the built-in compass too and the dim and dark features for dusk and night.

I'd love to have a V1, but just can't justify the $600+ for each vehicle for the detector and remote display.
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