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Blinkwatt, try this from the PCA Tech Web Site:

"To remove the center console you must first remove the side pieces and lower cover above the shift lever where either you have a cd holder, cassette holder or an empty tray insert. To do this grab the rears of each side covers and pull away from the center of the console. Once you pull the covers away pull them towards the rear of the car since they are attached at the front part and just in a slot on the console. Then remove the small black trim piece above the shift boot cover. Using a small screwdriver or a hard plastic trim tool, lift up on the shift boot at the front edge. You will see a 25 torx screw that has to be removed at the front of the console. Next remove the ashtray and them remove the 30 Torx screw holding in the window switch assembly in. Disconnect the connectors from the window switches and also the seat heaters if you have them. Remove the 25 Torx under the switch assembly. Next open the oddments tray at the rear and slide up the coin holder by inserting a small screwdriver in between 2 of the coin holders. Remove the rubber mat on the bottom of the tray and remove the torx screw holding the tray down. Remove the tray and then remove the torx screw under the tray. To the left of the handbrake there is a small panel. To remove the panel, pull at the top towards the driverís door. When you here the pop pull up. It sits on tabs on the bottom of the panel. Careful pull up at the rear of the console and then disconnect the connector for the oddments tray just below the lock assembly underneath the console. Put the passenger seat as far back as it can go. I would wrap a towel around the seat since you will be moving the console around that seat. As you pull up and toward the passenger door, slide the shift boot thru the hole under the shift lever. Now that that is out, you will see the handbrake cables and the nuts holding the handbrake lever on. Pull up on the handbrake and count how many clicks before it is tight. You will adjust the new lever assembly to that same number of clicks by moving the lock nuts on the lever assembly. Remove the locks nuts by using 2 13mm wrenches to hold the nut while loosing the other one. Remove both nuts. Disconnect the handbrake switch by moving the tab on the switch over and them pulling out the connector. Remove the nuts holding the lever on the tunnel and reinstall in reverse order. Be careful when putting the console back into place. It can cut the leather on the handbrake lever. I suggest taping up the lever before you slide the console back over.

Peter Smith - PCA WebSite - 5/29/2002"
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