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Originally Posted by mcomet View Post
Real Q is how do you like the FR-S? ?
The old Boxster (2000 986 base w/ tiptronic) was my daily driver for the past 4 years. It was a very reliable car, and not too expensive to maintain - I probably put only $2k or so into it (NOT including tires!), doing most of the work myself. But given it was 12 years old and had 85K (and I've got two kids to put through college), the economist in me said it was time to sell. Probably would have kept it if I'd had another garage space.

The FR-S is pretty nice - terrific handling, and the 6-speed auto is much better than the 986 tiptronic (faint praise). Not a lot of HP & torque, but it's adequate as a daily driver. Interior is "meh" - I could do without the red stitching everywhere.
Main complaint - every douche bag in a hopped up Civic wants to race...
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