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Two questions for POC guys: What color run group are the BSR Spec Boxster cup racers in? Does POC email out a registration confirmation before the event? I'm attending but all I've seen is the color-coded schedule on the POC site.

My many personal efforts in a '98 Boxster at Laguna Seca over the years can be summarized:
- 2:00 as novice newbie in 1999.
- Best effort 1:50 with Victoracers and all else stock daily driver, race seat.
- After suspension upgrade to PSS9, best effort 1:46, also on Victoracers. Typical laps 1:47-1:48.
- Now in Spec Boxster form in 2012, but slightly heavy over spec weight, stock muffler, stock soft PSS9 springs, on RA-1's: consistent 1:47's, a few 1:46's, and best of 1:45. A day on R-888's was at least 1 second slower, turning 1:47-1:48, could have been the conditions or the tires or the driver. I know I have to learn the new limits of the 300 lb lighter and cage-stiffened car, but it doesn't feel very different to me.
- When I find time I'll have the stiffer spec springs installed, try to drop 70 lbs to meet weight, and put on a lighter muffler that should make a little more power and also be audible. No excuses at that point.
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