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I use Auto Magic products.
I have learned when I bought my clay bar from them that with a black(or dark finsh) to use the blue bar only. It is not as abrasive as their red bar.
Their spray lub is very good.
You guy's with black car's will like their wax also. It dose not dry white and show off all you scratches
This stuff hides the small light scratches and makes the bigger ones less noticable.
On top of that it gives that black car a great wet looking shine.
With most waxes that I have used, if you touch it their is a nice grease looking print left behind. With this stuff their is none to a light print left behind.
I have used several different waxes over the years and just love this Automagic past wax on my black Boxster.
Sorry, don't mean to sound like a salesman-I'm not.

97 Boxster 5sp black 94k miles -all most ready. Shop said should be ready Fri.
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