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'Durametic' scanner for sale

I have a ODB2 code scanner for sale.

To make a long story short, this a generic scanner that will work with Durametric software, but ONLY WITH AN OLDER (2006) VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE which is included with the scanner. It will NOT work with newer version of Durametric software (which you can download from their website). I bought this on eBay about 3 years ago and used it many times to read and clear error codes on my 2000 Boxster. Now the Boxster is gone, I no longer have need of this.

One warning - it will NOT work on Windows 7 - or at least I couldn't get it to work.

HOWEVER, it does install and works great on a Windows XP laptop. You can view and clear error codes (even clears AIR BAG codes, which was why I got it in the first place). Also displays live data, e.g., O2 sensor readings. Appears to have NO VIN LIMIT.

So, IF you have an old WinXP laptop and a 2006 or earlier Porsche, here's a much cheaper option to real Durametric software.

Asking $40, shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
Includes the scanner, software on CD, and instructions - you supply the laptop.

PM me if you are interested.

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