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I've used both and they've produced similar results. If it's your first time, don't forget that waxing isn't optional (which is why they include wax in the package) and for god's sake, wear a condom !

Also, be sure your car will really benefit from it. After you wash it, run your hand on the paint...if the freshly washed paint feels gritty, it could probably benefit from it but remember clay is best for removing the stuff you can't see, not the stuff you can see.

I second Randall's opinion about the detailer spray being good on it's own, but would be hesitant on using it on an unwashed car (despite the name quick-detailer). If using the detailer spray on it's own, be sure to read the instructions on the detailer bottle. During the claying process it acts as a lubricant, but when used on it's own it should be sprayed on a smallish section, spread evenly with a buffing pad or towel and then buffed off with a dry side of the towel (similar to waxing). Spraying and then starting to rub it off will produce streaky and uneven results.

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