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Originally Posted by jb92563 View Post
...if maybe a pressure washer would be better...

...but I am on a dirt/gravel driveway and Im thinking some dirt splashed up onto my sponge or something...
Based on your description of dirt/gravel driveway and that splash likely already caused your issue... a pressure washer likely will exacerbate your problems rather than abate. Thus why I suggested 2 bucket method w/ grit guard. Not a bad idea to use two sponges too. Either letting one soak/cleanse while using the other as suggested. Or designate them for specific areas i.e. one strictly used above "belt line" and the other below - preventing fine debris pick up from say rocker panel sponge from scratching high-visible area like hood (of course one always washes top to bottom helping prevent this too).

True there is nothing wrong w/ pressure washers when used correctly. I have a concrete driveway and occasionally break mine out for specific auto cleansing tasks (heed cautions as outlined above especially for rock chips and wheels). Regardless, you will still need sponges (and buckets) and quite honestly a pressure washer will probably add to your swirls, scratches and frustrations which are already hard to prevent with black (you should try keeping a black SUV swirl free )

Good luck

PS - FWIW, don't kick yourself too much over this. If you bought your Boxster from a dealer, the scratches were likely already there. Your washing just rinsed away the high filler polish used to "shine-n-sell" the car.

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