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Not really sure what clutch slip is, how do i know if i have that?
stop on the flat and look to pull away slowly in second gear. if the clutch is worn it will start to slip, you'll see the rpm rise quicker than the speed increase.

to be honest, a worn clutch shouldnt grind the gears as the clutch, in essence, disengages the drive between gear changes. a worn clutch will slip, ie the drive plates will slip against each other, so the engine rpm will increase will the road speed does not.

a worn thrust bearing will give a 'humming' noise through the clutch depression and release cycle.

my initial thought as it seems ghost rider's was is a failing synchromesh. just one thought.. make sure your mat is out the way and the clutch pedal is going right down.. could really be that simple.

if the syncgromesh is on the way out (i had it happen on a car a few years back as a plastic retainer had broken and smeared up the sychromesh ring, making it stick up) then be gentle with the gearbox and gear changes and either consider having your box o/h, an exchange item or replacing it..

its not *all* bad news if that is the case, it gives you the opportunity to consider having the RMS and IMS changed as the gearbox is going to come off so you're 99.9% of the way there anyway !!
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