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Old bearing is out and boy was it tight. I was about to give up and was resting my arms when I heard the pop of the locking clip. After that smooth sailing out with many turns before the bearing was removed. I was ready for the oil bath but to my surprise nothing came out of my IMS tube. What you see in the pictures is all that was there nothing to even make it out of the tube just a few ounces sitting on the edges. No way to know this without pulling the bearing and with my mileage I couldn't drive the car and be happy with out doing this work and seeing what I had. Now I will have the comfort to drive the car and not wonder if today is the day for a flat bed.

Fretting on the outer bearing race will lead to failure and shows uneven load on the inside row of bearings. The fretting is fairly even around the bearing so there is no out of round condition.

2000 Boxster S
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