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Sounds very tempting we will see how the rest of this goes. So far it's been pleasant to tinker with. But I do buy these toys with the expectation that I'll be getting intimate and knowing my vehicles inside and out. I figured with my cars, motorcycles and boats I'd have every tool there is and I'm surprised at some of the odd things done on these pcars to require more special/homemade or thought provoking tools. Such as a single triple square on the bell housing what the heck was the logic there keep the owner out or am I missing something and should be concerned about theft that someone would crawl under there at night and steal my gearbox if it didnít have one odd bolt. Lol Special tool to pull the t-stat from the housing Iíve never seen one come flying out and get sucked through the engine without being custom attached to the housing . No worries Iíve always dreamed of owning a pcar and Iím loving every minute of it. Iíve had my whole garage pcar themed with my BMWís parked in there for 20 years I figured it was time and it puts a big smile on my face every time I have her out in the short few months of ownership. The seven thousand miles I racked on is more then I put on my Z3 in the past 3 years combined.
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