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Originally Posted by fefyfo
I tried to get the collision center to install the 996 gt3 front bumper on my 00 box and they said that it wouldn't fit. Also, because it was an accident and the insurance was paying for the repair, they had to make the car exactly how it was. What a shame, I was really looking forward to cutting cost and having my car fitted with genuine porsche aero kit. I looked at a few places and they were all offering fiberglass. Are fiberglass body kits that much of a no-no? PrecisionPorsche has a great deal on a whole kit for 1200.00
from the windshield forward the Boxster and the 996 911 are the same car. Same fenders, hood, headlights. The GT3 Bumper will absolutely fit. Is your body shop familiar with Porsche?
Several board members on here have the the GT3 bumper as part of the factory aerokit option.
I had a fiberglass kit on my Miata from a first rate aftermarket company with very high quality control standards. But fiberglass is an inexpensive materials and should not cost anything near to what factory polyurethane runs.
my rear fiberglass bumper was dented twice by other cars requiring two seperate repairs, not just a repaint.

p.s. I have seen the Turbo bumper in polyurethane being sold on ebay for about $1000.

here's RUF's Boxster with RUF wheels, the Recaro GT3 seats and GT3 front bumper. (needs bolder skirting)
GT3 Recaro Seats - Boxster Red
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