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Originally Posted by Mrmaddbrad View Post
I'm assuming this is the 3.4L 996 Carrera motor? I wish I had the time/money or I would have done this too

Post some videos once you have it all under raps!!
it was very easy on my pocket

99' 986 1500$
99' 3.4 25k 5500$
misc 500$
18" turbo twists with rubber 550$ + 35$ spacer
seats upholstery 800$
lowering springs 140$
struts/shocks 10k on them 220$

still to come ignition coils 240$
front bumper and sideskirts gt3 style (wont tell the price, couse dont want to start unnessesery discussion)

the secret is
You got to take your time with shopping
wait for the deal to happen

happy speeding
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