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Cruise Control, Codes, and Part Numbers?

I've been dragging my feet to fix a few problems with my Boxster, but want to tackle them this week. First, my cruise control has stopped working. The stalk functions, the light works, but when I try to engage it, the gas pedal does not move and the cruise doesn't engage. No codes, not sure where to start. Thinking it might be the switch on the clutch pedal gone bad after 13 years. Thoughts?

Still troubleshooting a P0446, P1146, P1144, I've been lazy getting on top of it. I hear what sounds like a pressure equalization whoop/fart/etc. from the front passenger side of the car occasionally, could it still possibly be the gas cap? The AOS and MAS were recently replaced.

Lastly, my instrument cluster surround is leather, and has little leather buttons on the underside, covering the screws that hold the top and bottom of the surround (above the gauges) together. One has gone missing, and I am unable to find the part number to order a new one. Anyone have it?

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