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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
Checking for engine codes using the factory tester = DME report. Same thing.
Not 100% complete as engine codes will come up w/ a standard OBDII code reader. Factory tester, PIWIS, gets you full system diagnostics (including engine codes) with a full read of DME including a check for over-revs, aka $$ shifts. Ranges are 1 thru 6 and report will show the actual # of engine ignitions that occurred in each range and latest engine hour over-revs occurred w/in each. Higher range = more damage done. It will also give you cumulative hours on engine w/ current DME. Compare this to total mileage seeing if accurate... most cars average ~ 25 miles per engine hour. So a car w/ 800 engine hours should have ~ 20,000 miles. This also gives an indication as to how vehicle was driven overall. Side note: PIWIS system no longer provides an actual DME printout w/ over-revs but ask technician to take screen shots (pictures) of report so you have for review.

As for over-revs... generally speaking, Porsche dealers will not certify any cars w/ series 4 or above over-revs. They will try to deny warranty coverages on motors with them too. Personally, no questions asked I would walk on any car w/ range 4 or above (particularly if done in recent engine hours as this would indicate salesman/test drives flogging the motor hard before being fully warmed up ) and would think hard w/ any range 3. Why? There are way too many good specimen vehicles out there so be patient and find the best one for you.

Good luck
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