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What To Look For In a PPI?

SO I have a deposit on an 07 Boxster S at a BMW, sale is contingent on it passing a PPI at a Porsche dealer. Its local so I will be arranging it and they will drop the car off. What should I expected to pay for the PPI? What should I specifically be looking for or asking about or making sure they check? I remember reading something about a DME scan? Will they generally road test the car as part of the PPI? I realize this car is a 987, not a 986 but this forums seems to have the most traffic and seems the most helpful.

The is in excellent condition and feels very tight and seems to run well. The car has a clean Carfax report, but the only thing that isnt ideal is its had 3 owners in 5 years. But there are 2 things that may or may not be concerns:

1. there is a vibration about about 20mph, it seems to be coming form the front end. At highway speeds you can actually see a very slight vibration in the steering wheel. Im assuming its probably a tire balance issue but are there any areas that are prone to damage or failure that could cause this?

2. The shifter feels a bit sloppy. Well sloppy might be a bit much but it has a bit of a loose feel to it. I think I remember other cars Ive tested as having a fairly tight shifter, though most have been 5 speed cars not 6 speeds.
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