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"Price Feeler" 18" BBS Sport Classic II w/tires...

Just trying to get a reasonable idea what these may be worth. I sometimes see some for sale on ebay but the asking prices never seem to be remotely realistic ($1k a wheel) and so they never sell. The wheels are the factory option Sport Classic II (mesh) wheels made by BBS. I would rate them a 9 out of 10 as far as condition. No curb rash and no scratches, etc. The tires are 225-40-18 P-zero up front (I think they are rosso's) and 265-35-18 Sumitomo HTZR II's on the rear. Car has had the alignment checked each time tires have been put on it. The rear tires are a year old and the fronts are about a year and a half old. The tires probably have at least 65-70% tread wear all around. The car was my daily driver until a few months ago and is babied and never tracked. I am contemplating getting some 19" Carrera Sports Carrera Sport or possibly some 19" lobster claws in an offset that will work with the boxster and painting them black....just need to see what kind of financial offset I would be looking at after selling my current rims.
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