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Here are my gas mileage results for my 2.7L. Very interesting difference between city and highway and type of driving.

90% city driving, 10% highway. Daily to/from work. Spirited driving. Shift at 3000-4000. Sometimes at 5000rpm when accelerating quicker. Stuck in traffic half the time. A/C On most of the time. 20 lbs of tools in the trunk.

1/4 tank = 49 miles
1/2 tank = 122 miles
3/4 tank = 190 miles
7/8 tank(Gas Light) = 222 miles

90% highway, 10% city. I took a 3 hour trip to visit gf when testing this.
Mostly between 3000-3300 rpm, 5th gear. 30 miles cruise control @3100rpm. A/C On. 50 lbs of luggage in trunk. Average outside temperature of 98F.

1/4 tank = 103 miles
1/2 tank = 220 miles

Refilled gas tank when I reached half tank/220 miles. According to the gas gauge and the pump, the first half of the tank is exactly 9 gallons of gas.

On the way back from my 3 hour trip.
Driving faster mostly between 3200-4100 rpm, 5th gear. Never used cruise control. A/C On. 60 lbs of luggage in trunk. Average outside temperature of 94F.

1/4 tank = 120 miles
1/2 tank = 222 miles
00 2.7 5SPD MT
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