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WTB Clutch kit + flywheel, mine is toast

I told my mechanic a month ago that my clutch was slipping at high gears and high speeds. He test drove the car and couldn't get it to slip at the lower gears, and told me to downshift to get the clutch to catch again.

The clutch slip has been getting worse and worse. Recently, I've been smelling burnt plastic... It's time to get a new clutch (possibly mechanic too)

I took it to the mechanic and he quoted me ~3k for a new clutch and flywheel, including labor. **************** me

... SO:
if anybody has a used clutch kit and/or flywheel that doesn't have too many miles (or knows someone who does), please contact me!!!
I've also sent PMs to many of the listings here, but they're very old.
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