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Originally Posted by carmos
now the question is 225 45/17 in the front or the stock 205/50/17..i will be getting new tires in about 3000 to 5000 miles, i will do the alignment then...i have 15500 miles on this set...does anyone kow of a good place in O.C. for alignments,that does not cost 400.00 dollars...

as to your question AUDIOGUY ,thats a stock rear bumper my04 .i just had the bumperets painted to match the car..

kajita ,yea i am working on the camera thing but i find myself spending all my money on the boxster...
I ran 225/45/17 when i had my 17s. Its really personal preference as the performance of the car is not affected. There is such a slight difference in the way the car handles that you wont even be able to tell. It was all mental for me.

As for the alignment i get mine done at the dealer. Pasadena Rusnak charges $150.00 for a 4 wheel alignment. Go to any local dealer in your area and they should do a price match for you.
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