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"If the coolant level is too low, the warning light flashes." - Owner's Manual

I'd say any time a light is flashing, find out what caused it, before continuing on.

Hopefully you caught it in time. Like I said, through these threads, I've read that air pockets can form and block the normal flow of coolant. So even though the thermostat is reading temps of <250F, other areas of your engine may well be seeing temps >250F.

First thing's first. Try to ascertain the cause of your leak. Losing that much coolant, especially in one day, is pretty bad. Get up under your car and check of the obvious 'wet' spots. But also look for the chalky type residue. That's dried up coolant. From radiators on back. Check everything. Within the engine, check to see that the coolant and oil hasn't mixed. Check the coolant tank for a milky substance. Check the oil (not sure what the coolant will look like in the oil, but I'm sure a search of these threads will find you the answer). Maybe now's a good time for an oil change to see if there's any coolant in it. Has your exhaust been blowing any smoke lately? Also, since you're not seeing any condensation under the rear lid, your coolant cap may be okay. But, it's a cheap part, around $20-25 online. You should look at replacing it especially if the part number on it does NOT end in 04. I can't think what else to check. Other members will surely chime in and attempt to help. Hopefully we'll put you on the right track.
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