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Originally Posted by tonycarreon View Post
the gauge is not a reliable means of knowing your consumption...

i did not get 400 miles from a tank of gas on this trip.

what i have learned from my gauge:
- needle hits 3/4 tank after about 50 miles.
- needle hits 2/4 ( ) tank after about 200 miles.
- needle hits 1/4 tank after about 260 miles.
- gas warning light comes on around 310 miles.
Tony, congrats on your 1,000th post!

Yesterday, as I hit 200 miles on the current tank, my van's fuel gauge was reading just over 3/4 tank. By that estimate, I should be getting over 800 miles per 20 tallon tank. Roughly, 40 MPG. However, grossly inaccurate. Sure enough, after just over 500 miles, I was empty. Came out to about 26 MPG, which is normal.
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