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The Check engine light has nothing to do with the rain.

PO430 is bad catalytic conver, which is bad news because they are expensive to replace. It is the part of the exhaust system that cleans up most of the exhaust air leaving the tips.

As for the window. Buy some Torx screw drivers. An entire set. T20, T25, T30 are the most important sizes to have.

Start taking the door panel off. Some screws are behind the door handle. Some are hidden. One is behind the air bag logo. One is behind the small plastic trim on the door support handle. One screw is in the cubby storage space in the door.

Once you get the panel loose, be careful, there will be two electrical cords you need to unplug. One of the door light and one for the window going down when you open the door. Dry everything in there if it is wet. Water might have gotten in the window motor so that might need to be replaced.

Did water get near the middle window switches? If so, take the center console apart and dry it.
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