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+ Rain Damage, please HELP!

Me and my mother have put my dad's 986 in even worse condition.
He already wrecked it once in the rain, but now it's been left in the rain with the windows down.

So here are my issues.
1.) Check Engine: giving me a PO430 code
2.) Rarely when in automatic the car doesn't want to shift from 2nd to 3rd.
3.) Drivers side window is glitched and stays in the up position unless you pull the handle, then it drops the half-inch to clear the convertible door-seal.
4.) The leather seats are essentially ruined, and have dried into a hard, sandpaper texture. (I'll just replace these with Katzkin)

The car has been wrecked before. I'm hoping the Check Engine isn't from the water damage, because that points to OBC damage under the driver's seat.

My justification in this is, I was about to take the car to meet my dad (I work for him), my mom stopped me in the kitchen and ********************ed about me driving the car and took the keys from me, I drove my grandma's car, and the windows never got put up.
I've never mistreated the car, or even driven aggressively in my own car (a 328ic BMW). No one else is taking any initiative to fix the car, but they complain and use it to chastise me regularly. So, help an enslaved victim try and fix his master's Porsche.

I know BMWs, but not Porsche.
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