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A warning about cheap ebay headlights

I recently bought a set of clear headlights on ebay. Bought them from this guy: rnrn75 | eBay . Brand new OEM Bosch, even came in Bosch boxes.

So they arrive, I put them in, and see that they are doing a great job of lighting up the three feet of pavement in front of my bumper. To be expected - they are new after all so of course they are not aimed. I set up a while-you-wait appointment at Auto haus, the Winnipeg Porsche Dealer to have them properly adjusted.

So I wander the showroom for 20 minutes and the mechanic comes out and gives me that 'come with me' finger wag. Never a good sign. What he shows me is that the internals had not been attached to the casings and the inner lenses were both popped, like the innards had been just tossed in there and the lid slammed on when they were assembled.

I have to give props to Big Mike. Most dealer mechanics would have handed the lights back to me a said "Have a nice day. Come back when you want to buy a set of factory lights for $1100 a piece." Not Big Mike. He sat at his bench for over an hour and painstakingly assembled everything the way it was supposed to be. It must have been like building a ship in a bottle. Anyway, he got it done, got the lights all aimed to perfection, and sent me on my way. It was in their shop for nearly 2 1/2 hours all together and they charged me $200 for everything. I was impressed. I hear a lot of stories about bad dealers, so it's nice to be able to say that these guys really went above and beyond and did a great job.

As to that Ebay bandit though, I sent him an email telling him what happened and indicated that he should be splitting that bill with me for selling me a load of crap. Of course I never heard back from him and I can't be bothered to pursue it as it would surely end up being a waste of time. I can, however, give this chump some free advertising by posting my story about what he sold me on the various forums I visit.
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