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New Boxster S

I drove my '01 Boxster S, top down, to Monticello Motor Club, yesterday, for the Porsche World Roadshow. While I was happy to do some lead-follow in the new 911 and 911S on the track, what I REALLY was looking forward to was the autocross in the new Boxster S (981). I'd seen the car, from behind the velvet rope, at the NY Auto show, but I found it even more beautiful, masculine, purposeful-looking and Carrera GT-inspired in person. I knew it was lighter and more powerful, and, sitting in one, I found it more roomy, with better seat position and visibility. It has substantially more luggage space, and you can see the suspension components through the wheels. But what would it be like to drive? Alas...the heavens opened up and Porsche canceled the drive. CRAP!!!! I love racing in the rain! (Especially in someone else's car...)
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