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It's hard to know what to think about some aspects of this. It seems like Porsche has been rebuilding failed engines and putting them into new cars. That seems very odd as you'd think a new engine would cost less - very streamlined process compared to stripping an engine, assessing damage, every rebuld is different etc.

But one thing that I definitely think is incredibly shonky is Porsche's decision to identify these engines by bunging on a splat of blue paint. It's the sort of thing you'd expect at a breaker's yard, not a modern engine factory! Incredible.

Having now read the full thread, I don't think anyone actually knows what the blue paint means. I doubt it means engines that have suffered mechanical failure and have been rebuilt, that's for sure.

But the other point holds. What the hell is Porsche doing splattering blue paint on the things, whatever the reason?!
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