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idle irregular after puting in new air/oil separator,

Replaced the A/O , and cleaned the m.a.f. -bad surging idle. , after a 15 mile drive, it was better, not perfect.
Will it?

- prior to this i had a check engine light come on, code was p1275, for a o2 sensor on 1-3 bank. No change with new sensor, so we replaced the o.a. -it is not throwing any codes now.

Will the dme re-learn with a few more drives? Or is it possible i have
a vac leak? All the o.a. sep connections look good.
- oh, and when it was idling bad when i disconnected the m.a.f. sensor the idle smoothed out a bit.

Bad M.A.F. too?

--2000 boxster S 70k miles
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