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Yet another wheel color post

Hi folks,

I have a '99 Arctic Silver/Boxster Red that I am looking to upgrade the wheels on. I have already scored a set of 18" Carrera Lightweights with Boxster offsets through a wrecker. The price was definitely right, but they do have some rash that needs fixing.

Since I am going to be taking these wheels in to have them cleaned up, I have been toying with the idea of powder coating some or all parts of them.

Given my Arctic Silver exterior, what do you folks think about these options:

1) Stock grey
2) All black
3) Black spokes with stock grey or chromed rim
4) Black spokes and inner rim with with grey or chromed outer lip
5) All black with red pinstripe?

Lastly regarding the black options, matte or gloss?"

I really like the clean likes of these wheels and I have see some interesting images out there of what others have done with them. Thoughts on these specific wheels and thoughts on color pairings with the Arctic silver are both welcome.


Here are some examples of what I'm considering here:

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