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Originally Posted by seventythree View Post
Well, the stop gets sandwiched between the mount and the carrier, where otherwise there would be metal to metal contact when the rubber bushing flexes too far. So, I am still not clear on how the hybrid stop is supposed to make a difference.

As for the bushing in the pic, I only bought the bushing from Pelican and pressed it in. It worked out OK only because I have a 10 ton, shop grade, hydrolic press at home. Otherwise, it would've been impossible. Without a press, or even with a cheapo version from Harbor Freight, one shouldn't attempt it. It's a pretty hard push.
Yes, the part that actually moves relative to the cushion is the engine mount. The chassis is static relative to the cushion, so that side would see compression. The other side could see some sheer as well, thus the rubber face.
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