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I know you can't apply one experience with another necessarily but your problem sounds just like mine right before I lost R 1st 2nd. They didn't all three go out at once and sometimes I could get into one gear or another but when torn down the whole rail had to be replaced. Porsche doesn't sell just the slip ring or whatever they call it. You have to buy the whole assembly. My regular Indy replaced all three gears for 1800 or so. Over half was parts. I found a used 6 speed with 45k miles for around 2500 but in the end went with he repair since the same thing tends to happen in these cars.

I was sure mine was synchros or the shifter/linkage but no such luck. Hope better for you but from what I understand that's the weakness on the boxster 6 speed. My car had 68k and about 18 of that on a raby rebuilt motor. I only mention that because of the extra torque but I don't really think it had anything to do with it as I don't really get on it in lower gears anyway. I'm mostly a 3rd and 4th driver at high Rpms, anyway
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