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New redesigned Boxster in 2004!

It is looking more and more official... the rumours are getting stronger... the latest "911 and Porsche World" magazine (it's a UK magazine, more reliable rumour info than U.S. car mags) reports that BOTH the new 911 (997) AND new Boxster (987) will be revealed in 2004. Most likely at the Paris auto show in September.

So hold off on buying an 03 or even 04 Boxster! It will be "obsolete" in less than 12 months! With customers complaining of measly 8HP upgrades and with the competition pumping out more HP, I think we will be pleasantly surprised with the new Boxster's HP. Also I am almost certain Porsche will address the 'S' tranny issue, and the 'S' will have a tranny with different gear ratios optimised specifically for the 'S' than its big brother the 911, ... and if this is true I WILL buy the 'S'
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