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2nd Gear problems

Hi everyone,

This is my first post, so hopefully I'm in the correct section. As the title states, I am having some trouble with shifting into 2nd gear. This seems to be a typical boxster problem, but I don't have all the signs and symptoms so I though I would poll for ideas/opinions. I have no Porsche experience other than 2-3 weeks.

Car: 2004 Porsche Boxster with 80K miles

Problem: No apparent engine noises, although there is a rough idle (+/- 20-30RPM) every once and awhile. All gears shift very well with the exception of 2nd and sometimes 1st gear. The problem is hit and miss sometimes, can't seem to reproduce it effectively - it seems to be harder to shift when accelerating, but still hard if I let the RPMs come back down. No grinding in gear or weird noises. Also, 2nd gear never comes out, but will come back about halfway (not sure if this is normal).

I have plans to replace transmission oil and the motor mount. Is this the right plan of action? Are their simple driving tests I can do to rule other things out - like bad synchro?

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