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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
Long answer:
When I first got the car I used the dip stick exclusively. I had no faith in the dash gauge. One of my friends was a long time Porsche owner and suggested that the dash gauge was actually quite good. I did some tests over a period of time comparing the dash gauge to the dip stick. Hmmmm, on level ground the dash gauge is right on. Ok then, on my car it does actually work as designed.

Short answer:
Dash gauge at start-up.

70+ track days, 100k miles and counting...
so assuming the ground is flat (do you use a level?), the oil is cold and well settled, how much oil do you add per bar? and do you stop until all bars are full?
Is there a certain level that is problematic for autox/track?

I've lost count at how many wacky readings I've gotten from the dash. And that dip stick...forget it. That seems like checking the space shuttle for leaks with a garden hose.
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