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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
I'm not a fan.
One of my good friends and TT competitors added the accusump after he tossed his 3.2L at Auto Club Speedway. Well, in April we were back at AAA and one of the hoses to the accusump let go, sprayed oil all over the exhaust manifold, ignited into a 6' high ball of flame, and attempted to burn down his car with him in it. The end result was driver and car survived the fire but the nice 320hp 3.4L motor was tossed from zero oil pressure when the hose blew.

With 7 years of track experience my car still has dodged that bullet. I added the X51 pan a few years ago when I went to R-comp tires, and I make sure my oil level is topped before each run session. I also avoid redline unless I am on a long straight in higher gears. If coolant temps rise too high (220?) I end my session early. My car burns little or no oil between changes. Fingers crossed.
3.2's require more oil pressure than 2.5's to overcome the centrifical force of longer stroke crank & higher rpm redline.
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