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New 986 coolant tank cheap.

I bought a new coolant tank for our Boxster, but I did not realize it doesn't come with the black hose attachment part that was broken on mine so I can't use it. The company will charge me 20% to return it so I figured I'd offer it here instead so you can save the 20%.

The part number is 99610614708 - Porsche Boxster Expansion Tank. It is the updated tank to replace the old one that tends to leak. They suggest you change the cap to the latest version as well if you haven't already. It looks like it fits the Boxster & Boxster S from 1997-2005.Here is the link to it on **************************************** where I purchased it: Porsche Boxster Expansion Tank: Engine Cooling &amp Expansion Tanks and Related Parts

The price I paid was $249 + shipping but I'll sell it to you for $199 + shipping. Shipping to me was $24 so I figure it will probably be about that much to ship it to you.

Let me know if you want it! I'll leave it up for about 2 weeks before I return it .
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