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Originally Posted by seventythree View Post
Like the title says, I am installing a center radiator on my 2002 base.

The Pelican Tech Article says the base and S radiator hoses are of different diameter. It shows a picture of hybrid hoses made up of S and non-S hoses and a copper reducer. Those pictures don't correspond to the Teed hoses that will be swapped in for this install. Am I missing something here?

Also, why the different size pluming for the S? And if the coolant flow characteristics are so marginal, to the point of requiring larger diameter pluming for the S, what is the wisdom in installing a center radiator but leaving the smaller pluming in place?

Finally, anytime a hose clamp is used to secure a hose to a fitting, especially when the joint must withstand pressure and temperature, the hose fitting has ribs or a gland. How reliable is it to slip and clamp the hose over a smooth, straight copper fitting? If the hose slips off, there will be a lot of coolant dumped on the road, potentially a race track.

The hard lines in the S are larger than those in the base car. Leaving the base hard lines will not casue an issue, swapping them out for the S lines is a budget breaker.....

There is another solution, however. A company called Precision Chassis Works makes modified hard lines that have both the flare to the larger size, plus the retaining ridge:

They can alter your hardlines for less than $100, or they also sell already done units. You can reach them here: Boxster cooling line modification - PRECISION CHASSIS**** WORKS************
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