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Originally Posted by black_box View Post
As far as the $10k Porsche thing, it's a great deal IF you expect to get your hands dirty.

I suggest doing it in this order, especially before doing any hard driving:

change oil
inspect tires (don't forget the spare!)
inspect brake pads, rotors, bleed fluid
check wheel nut torque
inspect underbody for broken plastic
use a crowbar to check suspension bushings, especially swaybar links

check all bulbs lighting up
change gear oil

wash car, detail interior and steam underbody, taking care to foil wrap electronics
I don't plan on getting my hands dirty, but have a great mechanic who is reasonable and I trust. I had it delivered right to the shop, for all new fluids, new belts, plugs, wires, brakes F&R, all new filters, new Bilstein HD's an alignment and details... Even taking the front bumper off to get all the debris out of the front radiators and ducting.. Finally an ipod adapter as well...

I know with 105k miles a clutch won't be too far off...
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