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Yes, I know it was sort of a once in a lifetime thing and I'll probably never have that kind of time again.

The car and the trip were my 30th birthday gift to myself and looking back on it, I can't imagine a better one than to see the beauty of the north american continent in such a beautiful, exciting, and (all things considered) practical car.

As far as the $10k Porsche thing, it's a great deal IF you expect to get your hands dirty.

The type of person who regrets that kind of purchase is the sort that doesn't bother to learn how the car works, then freaks out when a little thing breaks (say.... a water pump when you're 150 miles from any pcar specialist) and panics, sending the car on a flatbed to a stealership and getting hit for another $2000 (what they estimated mine to be). I fixed it roadside for about $200 in parts, cheap tools and beer to pay off my assistant.

I recommend doing what I did.

Get to know the car by working through all of its systems. Every weekend you get, pick some area of the car to work on, inspecting, tightening things if loose, lubing, cleaning, changing fluids and wear items. You don't really know the history of the car if there isn't documentation, and the only way to know it was done right is to do it yourself.

I suggest doing it in this order, especially before doing any hard driving:

change oil
inspect tires (don't forget the spare!)
inspect brake pads, rotors, bleed fluid
check wheel nut torque
inspect underbody for broken plastic
use a crowbar to check suspension bushings, especially swaybar links

check all bulbs lighting up
change gear oil

wash car, detail interior and steam underbody, taking care to foil wrap electronics
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