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Talking My first year anniversary with the best car ever

Just passing my 1 year anniversary with my $10k 2000 Box S and absolutely love it.

So far, what I have done with the car, all on my own, in order:

Changed water pump on the side of the road, in the middle of my first trip out of town (after owning car less than a week)

replaced spoiler motor

installed short shifter

installed bluetooth transciever

installed iphone mount

replaced peeling leather door panels

replaced e-brake microswitch

replaced brake pads / oil / plugs / filter / air filter


Took 10,000 mile / 2 month roadtrip across US and Canadian West, mostly camping out of the Boxster, driving super hard every day in the mountains (no tickets!), and visiting most of the famous national parks

Quietted a chattering muffler mount

replaced a rear wheel bearing

used a dremel to "recondition" (i.e. grind down) stripped rear axle nut threads

replaced plugs and coils

replaced front sway bar linkages

installed Michelin Pilot SS's (they are amaaaazing!)

fixing / repainting front clip due to parking scrapes / rock chips, replaced convertible top (amazing what insurance will cover if you just claim it )

Next up:

installing secondary cat bypass / PSE muffler hack

new brake rotors, EBC yellowstuff pads


teach my girlfriend to drive stick

Great Eastern Roadtrip! NYC to Newfoundland and back!

While the car has needed lots of attention, I LOVE it, and wouldn't trade for anything (including a 996, which I almost bought instead), and for 10 grand, has been the best bargain I could imagine. Even after spending a day working on it, I can still say I've spent the day working on my Porsche, and then I get to drive it!

Fixing the water pump on my new car with my best friend's father in-law the morning of their wedding, right before I put on my best man tux!
From car pics

Beginning of the roadtrip, with the little bro in STL
From car pics

Catching up with old friends
From car pics

From car pics
From car pics

From car pics
I lived out of my two trunks for two months
From car pics
And ate like this nearly every night
From car pics
One of my many hitchhikers
From car pics
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