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Flat Towing Manual Transmission Boxsters

I examined an earlier post on dingy towing behind a motorhome but did not see any replies that supported the idea or critically nixed it, so would like to raise it again. If anyone has solid info on how to flat tow the boxster manual transmission models I would be most interested to discuss it. Alternatively if there is a mechanical deficiency that prohibits flat towing such as drive train incompatibility or physical issues with frame connection that would be helpful as well. Porsche HQ thus far has not replied to my inquire. I have just retired and am looking at a used 2005 boxster but can only justify it if I can tow it on our trips across the US and Canada. The owners manual says you cannot flat tow the car but does not say why other than the implication that the tow hook connection is very limited in its capability.
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