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Originally Posted by Topless View Post
Gary from Baton Rouge has a turbo 2.5l car with intercooler and last I heard he logged 200k miles on that original motor so he must have done it really well. About 5 years ago there were a bunch on the west coast but all ended with connecting rods sticking out of awkward places

PK2 has a supercharged 2.5L in Orange county that has survived well but he understands it's limitations and pushes it in small doses. Neither of these guys are track rats that push their cars to the limit during 5-25 minute track sessions/day.

After looking hard at this over the years and considering my driving style I will choose displacement over intake boost when the time comes. BYprodriver's 3.6L build looks interesting enough.
"There is no replacement for displacement" I'll be at the PCA OCR autoX May 20th if you want to checkout the net results.
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