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There's a little ...

Originally Posted by Deserion View Post
Long story short, the armrest cover on the driver's door doesn't stay up but just flops closed. I haven't found any how-to on repairing the issue, and wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem as well.

It essentially just stopped staying up when open. Gets kind of annoying, but oh well.

... spring on one of the ends that probably worked itself out of its tab.
It's difficult to see unless you remove the cover.
To remove the cover just push the two hinge pins through using a small screwdriver.
Note that there are teflon bushings on both sides of the hinges (4 bushings on each cover).
The coil spring goes on one side (side towards the rear of the door) only.
Look carefully at the spring's tab on the cover to see if the hole ripped through.
You may have to put some epoxy and re-drill when the epoxy sets.
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