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Yup, it finally happened this weekend. Ripped rear window

The weather was gorgeous this weekend. Dropped the town around noon and began my errands. When I arrived at my friend's house, he asked what was wrong with my top. Goosebumps started popping up and I instinctly said "oh, it's creased, it would straighten out." When I got out of the car and examined it closer, I saw the infamous tear due to "Not Chopping" on a cooler day. I was devastated. Just received my bonus and I was really hoping to drop it on a new sets of wheels.

Secretly, I was hoping it would rip but not until next May b/c I would love to get the glass window and a new color top. My car is white/beige and I think it would look so nice with a tan top. At any rate, thinking of applying some clear rubber cement to last me this winter. Any other recommendations? BTW, please don't forget to chop this fall/winter. I know it's a pain when you're at a red light but a tear is such a damper on any mood.
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