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Originally Posted by Biz-z Z
I think PASM is super. When it is off, you have a reasonably compliant touring/sports car. When it is on, you are ready for a serious workout. Combine PASM with Sports Chrono and it seems like you get two cars for the price of one. Other folks may differ. If you are trying to decide on the option, drive PASM and non-PASM cars back to back on smooth roads, bumpy roads and of course twisties. Then make an informed decision.

I took the Box to the office yesterday morning. Up the highway for 25 minutes, smooth as ever, no need for PASM. I took a back twistie home, over a (actually the side of a) mountain, through the woods, you know. With PASM on over a bumpy stretch, the ride was jarring. With it off, the suspension soaked up everything. Getting to the more severe groups of twisties, I engaged PASM and Sport Chrono. Mister! The car was resolute with no detectible body lean and a "just-touch-the-pedal-and-go" attitude.

If you like spirited driving, I highly recommend both options. I'll never track the car so I don't know if PASM is enough for the serious track competitor.
I agree completely on PASM and Sport Chrono. For me full Sport is my normal mode and I switch the suspension to comfort when I encounter a bad stretch of road.

I don't agree at all with those that say sport mode of PASM is too stiff for the road. It depends on the driver and the road but for me the body control of sport mode gives me the feel that inspires confidence to push the car up towards its limits.

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