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Unhappy Just got rear-ended - ideas on replacement parts

My 02 986 just got rear ended here in Atlanta by an Econoline driven by a young remorseful girl.

If she can avoid having this on her insurance by paying me directly for repair, that is fine by me as long as the car is put together well.

Bumper pads junk, compression on rt side of the bumper cover, part of the cover is bowed in. Cover needs to be repainted. Car is emerald green.

My guess is the cover will pop back OK, the struts and the bumper insert (the actual bumper) need replacing. The alignment with taillights and the spoiler seem to be fine.

I will take it for repair estimate tomorrow but wanted to ask for any suggestions on what to look out for, any common gizmos/electronics/etc. that might be frail in the case of such a 10 mph "love tap". They of course will want to tear it down to get a proper estimate and then once car is taken apart they will expect to get the work.

Thanks for any suggestions

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